By takahitoirie on 2013/08/08 in Press

Hugo Boss celebrates 20 years with art show

Hugo Boss is celebrating the “spirit of not following” with an interactive art exhibition at London’s Saatchi Gallery.

Red Never Follows aligns with the brand’s values of creativity, innovation and not following however whether visitors walk away with a strong impression of Hugo Boss and the brand is yet to be seen.

The exhibition has been created to celebrate the fashion brand’s 20th anniversary and while it is supported by a fashion collection – which is available online and instore – the exhibition itself does not include any clothing.

The brand worked in collaboration with twenty international artists to create the “Red Never Follows” project, which aims to celebrate “the adventurous and unpredictable path creativity takes.”

The “leading creators and inspiring inventors” were tasked with showcasing the brand’s “spirit of not following” and have created a collection of interactive and boundary pushing installations.

From paintings and sculptures to interactive visual and sound installations, the exhibition features work such as: ‘Electric Stimulus to the Face’ an interactive sound installation by artist by Daito Manabe, which features people responding to impulses that make their muscles twitch in rhythm, ‘The Pulse of London’ by Macro Barotti and Platstique Fantastique is a giant red plastic sphere that visitors can climb into and listen to their heartbeat reverberate around the space.

There is also ‘Emerging Colorspace’, a robotic drawing installation by Sonice Development, which resembles a large scale Spirograph that climbs along the wall creating a giant squiggle, and ‘Proximity/Repulsion’ by Felix Bonowski, which is an interactive video projection, featuring a constant flow of particles, which react and interact with visitor shadows.

The exhibition, which runs throughout August, is supported by an online site, showcases the exhibition pieces and the artists behind the show.

The site also showcases a special Hugo Boss Fashion collection, which includes 20 special iconic items which aim to showcase the brand’s timeless and contemporary style and enhance the spirit of always looking forward and looking progressive.